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The Life Support Cafe is a new and brilliant concept of pop-up masterclasses to inspire, elevate and strengthen your teams, your employees, your group or you individually.
Whatever or however you need help in these precarious times; support, coaching, mentoring or whatever else you'd like to call it, 
The Life Support Cafe is here for you to stride in and take your seat.

We can come to you and work with your entire team with one of our
In-House events or if you have just a small team or are an individual, we can welcome you with coffee at one of our amazing Open-House events.
You'll get to know others in a similar position with the same ambition as you (great for networking!)


Our On The Road events are suitable for anyone and everyone. Guaranteed to upgrade and elevate your life with new ways of thinking and charismatic ways of being you'd never have thought of.


We can't wait to meet you! 
Sally Bee & Nicky Pattinson

We are currently booking FEBRUARY, MARCH and APRIL 2023
Take a look at our events and the sample 'menus' and feel free to drop us a line - we love to chat!


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