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Welcome to

The Life Support Cafe

Hungry? Thirsty? Want more out of life? Come on in and sit right down...

We are Sally Bee and Nicky Pattinson.

The Life Support Cafe is a brilliant, new concept of pop-up masterclasses, presentations and coaching sessions to inspire, elevate and strengthen your teams, your employees, your group or you individually.


We are not in competition with any ongoing coaching you have in place, but we are a very important addition. 


Think of us as the cream in your coffee, the cherry on your cake, the extra scoop of ice-cream with your sticky toffee pudding...the extra that makes all the difference!


You can do it without us, but everything tastes so much better and happens so much easier with us.

So,  however you need help in these precarious times; support, coaching, mentoring or whatever else you'd like to call it, The Life Support Cafe is here for you.


We come as a pair, or we can visit you individually - your choice. No problem. Zoom, Teams or face-to-face (our favourite), we guarantee everyone will leave feeling better and looking forward to the future, or we'll give you your money back. That's based on our experience, our credibility and is our promise to you.

We also work with Associates ...or as we prefer to call them Friends. So, if you are looking for executive, leadership or any other kind of help, ask us because we can probably point you in the best direction for that too.

We have a great friendship that we like to share.

We believe in the same principles but come to it in completely different ways.

Between us, we are close yet worlds apart, loud yet quiet, soft yet strong, determined yet doubtful. Just like you we are a complicated mix of experience and emotions, but when we work together, we are told that we are explosive, inspiring and empowering. 

Had enough of working this out on your own and want to be with others who want what you want?

See our sample menus and we look forward to putting that coffee in your hand...

Sally Bee & Nicky Pattinson

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