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Catherine Williamson


'During the last two decades, I have changed practically every aspect of my life. Corporate director to self-employed, retraining and launching a successful new career as an executive coach, whilst as a single parent juggling the demands of a family with my own ambitions for personal happiness.

I have been coached throughout this process and it has been the defining aspect that catapulted me forward at times when I became stuck, alternatively slowed me down when in my mania for distraction I was spinning a million plates.

What being coached has taught me is there is no replacement for getting out there and ‘feeling the fear’. Nothing of worth I have achieved over these previous years has come from taking the easy or comfy option or trying to circumvent the tough bits.

The humility, humour and acquired wisdom of this journey are what I bring to my clients. Sometimes they are executives who live in the constant fear of being tapped on the shoulder and exposed ‘as a fraud’ other times leaders who want to spend more time with their partners, not their PC!'

Catherine Williamson

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